Landscape photography workshops in the press

Landscape photography workshops in the press

Below you can see some of Margaret's landscape photography workshops in the press. Articles and magazine publications that have featured Margaret's beautiful seascape photography from remote areas in Scotland. And also some of the features that have been written about Quiet Landscape photography workshops.

Scottish Field Magazine

The Scottish Field magazine. An article about Margaret Soraya's landscape photography in Scotland.





Featured photographer on Capturing the wild weather and beautiful seascapes on Orkney. How Orkney is one of the best places to visit to recharge in nature and using photography as a mindful act in quiet places.

The Sunday Times

Gillian Furmage writing recommending the Hebrides photography workshop in the Sunday Times Travel Magazine.

Cameracraft Portfolio

A 6 page spread of Margaret Soraya's photography from travelling through Scotland and the Scottish Isles. Focusing around life outdoors, quiet and peaceful places. A story of how Margaret lives outdoors and travels in her van whilst photographing remote areas in Scotland.

Country Lifestyle Magazine

Karen Carruth writing for Country Lifestyle Magazine, taking part in a 1-2-1 photography workshop with Margaret 

Press & Journal

The Press & Journal by Julia Sidell. Julia she spent a day learning about photography with Margaret Soraya in Loch Ness.